Night World formed in the late 80s by singer / songwriter Charles Kennedy. Musically the band, which featured a number of different line-ups, mutated from an experimental electronic group (first album, The Bears At The End Of The Garden 1988 IH2) into a song-based electronic rock group (Grand Designs 1990 IH3), eventually finding cult success in the United States with the song Night Flight To Charlotte (from Charge Of The Night Brigade 1993 IH4).


Endless live work and and a desire to return to the more experimental instrumental work of early Night World chimed with the growing rave movement in the UK brought Charles full circle with the 1996 release of the first, eponymous, Aries Project album (IHCD6, 1996), which garnered strong reviews and playlisting on stations such as Londons Kiss FM. The accompanying tour included a show at Londons prestigious Purcell Room in the Royal Festival Hall / South Bank Centre as well as theatres and clubs around the UK.


Since then new Night World material has appeared on compilations, along with a series of live shows that included a reunion with original drummer Steve Thorpe. The dual paths trod by Night World and the chill-out instrumental work of The Aries Project has continued with recordings in both incarnations, but recently Charles decided to bring the two strands closer together by rechristening the song-based work The Aries Parallel, and the first recording under this new name is a pumping cover of David Bowies classic Panic In Detroit, which appears on the Invisible Hands Bowie tribute Diamond Gods (IHCD16, 2001).


A new Aries Project album, Independent Urban Republic, is being recorded in London, including live favourites Echo Park, Ionisphere Blue, 2001 and Welcome To The New Normal.



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