It's taken the best part of 30 years but finally the complete long-lost solo recordings from Showaddywaddy's lead singer DAVE BARTRAM are to be released on CD and download.


London-based label Invisible Hands Music have partnered with Dave and life-long Showaddywaddy fan Steve Thorpe to compile every existing solo track recorded by Dave at the legendary Utopia Studios in London.


These 16 tracks were recorded between 1982-1983 and 1984-1985, and feature the cream of London session musicians including guitarist Billy Bremner, drummer Tony Beard, keyboard player extraordinaire Danny Schogger, and the much-missed guitarist Alan Murphy. They were produced by one of the best-known pop producers and songwriters Phil Wainman (Bay City Rollers, Sweet, Generation X) who also co-wrote most of the material with Dave.


In Dave's words: "The collection of songs represent two differing periods of my creative career. The earlier sessions bear more resemblance to the 50's influenced style which has proven so distinctive and successful for Showaddywaddy. Then there is a much more contemporary 80's sound prevalent in the later recordings. Ever since those creative mid 80's years it's been an ambition of mine that these little items of buried treasure would someday be unearthed. Here are those lost and found tracks!"


Steve Thorpe - one of Lost And Found's executive producers says: "Having the opportunity to release these tracks is something that I thought would never happen. Listening to the music that Dave recorded so many years ago is a huge thrill - hopefully the many Showaddywaddy fans will feel just the same once they get to hear the fantastic variety of songs on this release!"


The 17 track CD (also including Dave's 1995 track 'Perfect Harmony' as one of the 5 bonus tracks) is packaged in style, with a 16 page booklet including rare memorabilia and photos from 1982-1983, detailed sleevenotes from Steve, plus a design that's partly a homage to the first and only Dave Bartram solo single 'Black Ice' released on 7" back in January 1983.


It's not often that an artist as well-known as Dave gets to release such a wealth of undiscovered material, but this release truly is a one-off...and it's our privilege at Invisible Hands Music to be associated with this hugely enjoyable body of work.

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