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Invisible Hands Music is an independent record label based in the heart of Soho, London England.  Releasing material from Miranda Lee Richards, Tangerine Dream, Mishka Shubaly and the legendary ex-stranglers frontman, Hugh Cornwell. The label was founded by musician Charles Kennedy. The company name first appeared on cassettes sold at gigs by Kennedy's first band Night World in 1987. The first CD release was Fretwork Southeast, a compilation album of local bands from Southwest London in 1993. After three more CDs in the series, and an eponymous debut album by Kennedy's next musical project, The Aries Project,
the label moved into signing artists starting with Wishbone Ash, and singer-songwriter, Rob Reynolds. Other releases in the 1990s, distributed by Pinnacle in the UK, included electro compilations such as Speed Garage Invasion and Drum n Bass Invasion. After a gap of five years, the label restarted operations in Camden Town in January 2003, releasing products such as a box set of new music by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, a box set of previously released music by Wishbone Ash, and a compilation of covers of David Bowie songs. Hazel O'Connor joined the label 
with a reissue series of her 1990s albums. Recent releases included music by guitarist Stevie Salas, Silver Sun (two studio albums), Hugh Cornwell (two studio albums and a live set) and Thomas Dolby (live CD / DVD box set).  In 2008, Invisible Hands Music made the news by signing the (partially) reformed lineup of The Jam, and making the new Hugh Cornwell album, Hooverdam, available as a free download. After a four year hiatus between 2010 and 2014, the label restarted operations in London's West End, rereleasing The Aries Project's eponymous album under the new title "English Ghosts".

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